Watchdog Pool Safety

How to use a pool net

Putting On The Net

Taking Off The Net.

1. Using Katchakid's EZ-Ratchet system, in reverse of use shown above, the CTS pulley rope is removed from its anchor and the CTS system is released. 
With the help of the EZ-Ratchet the CTS Pulley rope is released from its anchor opening up the Katchakid's CTS system

2. The EZ-Off Roller's fastener is clipped into its anchor. The EZ-Off Roller is usually positioned opposite the start disk on one of the swimming pools corner. 
The EZ-Off Roller's fastener is clipped into its anchor

3. Attach the EZ-Off Roller to the Katchakid net using the EZ-Off Rollers clasp.
The Katchakid is attached to the EZ-Off Roller by the EZ-Off Rollers Clasp

4. The Katchakid is now ready to be rolled up. The Katchakid fasteners are all unclipped from their anchors from around the pool edge.

Once all of the Katchakid's fasteners are removed from their anchors the net can be rolled up

5. By slowly turning the EZ-Off Rollers handle the Katchakid is evenly reeled in off of the swimming pool and over the EZ-Off Roller. 
The EZ-Off Roller keeps the Katchakid tangle free and assists with the re-positioning of the Katchakid

6. The EZ-Roller is then released from its anchor and it and the Katchakid net can be removed. 
The EZ-Roller assists with keeping the Katchakid in good shape and your pool area neat and tidy when the Katchakid is not in use


Step 1


The Katchakid, with its Central Tension System (CTS) open, is pulled from the EZ-Off Roller and spread out over the pool. 
With the CTS open the Katchakid is not yet tensioned making it easy to fasten the net to the pool surround anchors. 

Step 2


Beginning at the designated starting point, which is marked by the Katchakid start disk, the Katchakid's tangle free fasteners are then clipped securely into the chosen anchors.
The Katchakid is clipped to the pool surround commencing at the Start Disk. The precision-engineered tangle free fasteners lock the Katchakid securely into Place.

Step 3


When the Katchakid net is firmly secured into all of the anchors the CTS is ready to be closed.
The Katchakid is completely attached to the pool surround anchors but the CTS is still open

Step 4


This is the final stage of securing the Katchakid.

Katchakid's unique EZ-Ratchet System is clipped into its anchor.

The handle of The EZ-Ratchet is pulled which in turn pulls the CTS pulley rope towards the CTS pulley rope anchor.


The EZ-Ratchet's clasp is then attached to the CTS pulley rope.

Using the EZ-Ratchet the CTS system is closed, tightening the Katchakid net from the center.

The Katchakid is now tight. The CTS pulley rope's fastener is clipped into its anchor and the EZ-Ratchet is removed. The removal of the EZ-Ratchet virtually locks the Katchakid into place.

Step 5.

The Katchakid is now fully installed and aesthetically pleasing, providing you the best swimming pool protection on the market