Watchdog Pool Safety


The Katchakid pool nets are manufactured from durable 4mm High Density Polyethylene (m) Fiber composed of linear macromolecules saturated with non-substituted aliphatic hydrocarbons. This material contains continuous multifilament and resists abrasion, moths and bacteria.

The A.S.T.M association requires all safety nets and covers to support the weight of 485lbs - two adults and a child and the Katchakid effortlessly complies with this standard. N.B. This does not mean that the 485lbs are held clear out of the water.

The Katchakid netting material is machine made to guarantee accuracy of mesh size and knot tightness. The knots are then stented (heat sealed) to prevent slipping.

The pool-netting material is chemically treated with laboratory developed maximum UV stabilized inhibitors so the Katchakid will not shrink or fade when subjected to harsh climatic conditions. This material is also resilient to pool acid, pool chemicals and does not hold or absorb water.

Technical research, constant modification and development has set the Katchakid mesh specifications. The mesh size of 4” is designed to prevent a toddlers head going through the Katchakid but large enough to limit a child's movement on the net.

The Katchakid is available in two color options – Ocean Blue or Coal Jet Black.

Blue Net
Sand/ Tan Net