Watchdog Pool Safety

Remember this pool net is a supplementary pool safety aid. The best safety around pools is undivided and competent adult supervision and this pool net can never replace adult supervision. Nor can it be a guarantee against drowning or other accidents.


Please read this entire page before purchasing any DIY net kit.
ProtectaPond nets are sold in standard shapes, squares and rectangles.  No two installations are alike. Each kit comes standard with flush mount Nylon Anchors but other anchor styles are available. We recommend contacting us first to discuss your options prior to any purchase.
As you install your DIY net kit you will be custom fitting/trimming the net to your water feature.


Fitting a Katchakid or ProtectaPond can be time consuming and relatively detailed as these pool/pond safety nets are custom fit to your pool/pond by you to your pool during the installation process.

We also stress that an installation is moderately physical and requires knowledge of tools such as a hammer drill, soldering iron and others mentioned in the required tools list.

Preperation & planning are very important, clear away furniture and other obstructions from the edge you will be working on.

These pool & pond safety net use horizontal tension across the pool or pond so any decking or coping where anchors are to be placed must be sturdy, solid and in good repair. Pond surrounds must be equally sturdy surrounds such as flag-stone, pavers and bricks must be motared in place.

If you have a free-form pool, larger pool or a pool with walls/rockeries/waterfalls we recommend professional installation by a trained Katchakid Technician.



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20'x40' + Larger
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Pool, spa and pond net DIY Kits include:


Katchakid® Pool Net w/ Installed CTS system* & EZ-Ratchet*
Anchors** & Fasteners**
Roller Components (Net sizes 15x30 & Larger Only)
Clasps (For connecting the Roller and Ratchet if applicable)
Pulley Rope & Loose Braid
Start Disk
Instruction Booklet & DVD

*ProtectaPond Pond nets do not use a CTS or EZ-Ratchet to maintain aesthetic appearance of your pond.

**Quanties of components such as anchors will vary based on net size.
10'x10', 15'x15' net kits do not include roller.
If your install requires one of our other style anchors we must be notified in advance and we will supply them (except Brass additional cost). If not shipping charges apply.

Required Tools and Equipment

• Scissors
• Hammer
• Heavy Duty Hammer Drill*
• 3/4” Concrete Drill Bit
• Soldering Iron
• Electrical Extension Cord with
• Ground Fault Interrupter
• Clear PVC Glue for Roller Assembly**
• Tape Measure
• Epoxy or Cement (Maybe required for certain pool decking)
• Water Pipe (If using a core drill)

* We recommend a heavy-duty hammer drill. For best possible results use a core drill with a diamond tipped drill bit. These drills can be rented on a daily basis from large hardware stores such as Home Depot. When using a core drill it is useful to use a wooden template to avoid the drill from sliding. A template can be produced from a 4” x 4” piece of wood with a ¾”in hole drilled through it. If using a core drill you will require a water pipe.

** For nets where roller is supplied, purple glue/primer can be used but clear looks better.

If you are unsure of any part of the installation process we are here to help. A Katchakid Technician can be reached during office hours; 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday @ 1-888-5-KATCHA.

Above Ground Pools


The Katchakid net is one of the few certified pool covers that can protect above ground pools.

Katchakid nets can only be installed where the above ground pool has been made into a feature in the yard i.e. there is some decking, at least 3ft where the EZ-Roller and the CTS system can be anchored.

Or where there is at least 7” of pool surround that is sturdy and in good repair to withstand the net’s tension. Essentially “if you can sit on it, we can fit on it!” But if there is less than 3ft of decking the EZ-Roller cannot be used.

Situations when you can't install a Katchakid

Due to a vast experience of the manufacture and development of a variety of fittings, anchors & hook bolts you can install a Katchakid on nearly every swimming pool, spa or pond but there are certain occasions when a Katchakid cannot be fitted.

1. The coping and pool surround are in poor condition.
2. The person who is to install and use the Katchakid on a regular basis is disabled, elderly or infirm. The installation process is a minor construction project which requires some physical ability.
3. As the Katchakid pool net is custom shaped to your pool during installation the net cannot be transferred to another pool.

There are also situations, when you should not install a Katchakid –
1. The pool is new and the pool surround is less than 5 days old.
2. It is raining thus making operating electrical tools outside hazardous. (Battery operated tools of course are acceptable to work with in wet weather)

  • Important

    • Your pool net does not replace adult supervision. It is designed to act as a last line of defense. The net is an additional safety feature for your pool, we reccomend layers of safety.
    • Children should never be left unattended.
    • Pool Protection can only be effective if used.
    • Your pool safety net is not a toy. Do not allow children or adults to jump or play on the net, this will cause rubbing or chaffing of the net.
    • Do not allow animals to chew on the net. You net is not warranted against destruction by animals. Keep the net away from sources of heat such as barbecues as it can melt.
    • Do not use your pool with the net partially opened. This creates a dangerous situation and should be avoided at all times. Your pool is not properly secured until the net is in place and properly tensioned.
    • The net will be more effective the greater the distance between the water and the net. It is recommended that this distance be at least 7”in below the upper edge of the pool surround (coping) or to manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Concrete decks should be a minimum of 4”in deep to ensure that the anchors are secure.
    • The coping and pool surround should be in a good condition
    • When installing a Katchakid pool net on a new pool wait for 5 days after final completion.
    • The net mesh or any opening should be small enough to prevent a solid faced sphere with a maximum breath of 4.5” in from gaining access at any point of the pool while applying a force of 40lbs.